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By:Stacy Jo Crossen

and Nattile ann Covel 


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 5e52c5b7410a4e0bb9115d59b8ff2364

Down away

Out away

Fly out of school


It’s dark here

It’s dull here

It’s sunny outside.

Today’s long

The work’s hard

I don’t like to spell.

My head hurts

My hand aches

The wind’s rushing by-


So, down away

Out away

Fly out of school


The clock says

It’s two hours

Before we can leave.

I just want

To run wild

And play for an hour

Not sit here

 this afternoon

Dreaming along-


Down away

Out away

Fly out of school.


I’ll make…..

Slides to slide

Ropes to climb

Wings to fly free

I’ll plan…..

Ways to go

Things to do

Friends I can see

I’ll find....

Jokes to tell

Laughs to laugh

Kings I can be-


Oh, down away

Out away

Fly out of school.



I laugh here

I joke here

 I play with my friends.

I think here

I listen here and

Hear stories of kings

It’s good to be

Here sometimes

Then I don’t want to be-


Down away

Out away

Far out of school.




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